This method does completely nothing in terms of letting the client know if the seller has an excellent selling history, if the vendor follows truthful enterprise practices, or even if the person in the photo/video will bother to send you something in any respect when they receive your money. The person offering the “verification” is the vendor themselves who has a vested interest in getting you to purchase from them. There is no unbiased, independent entity to vouch for the vendor before you buy nor to ensure that the vendor follows via with the deal. If the buyer has an issue with the transaction, they are completely on their own – the seller who vouched for themselves may have no incentive at all to do something for you. “Verification” standing in every instance is particular to the person selling site.


This might be a method for the positioning to confirm that the vendor is the person of their pictures, however, as with the opposite method, it tells the customer nothing concerning the seller, their gross sales manner, or enterprise practices. In worst case eventualities, since the course of isn’t transparent, and the owner of the site in not an unbiased entity as they have a vested curiosity in having a selection of “trustable” sellers on their website, this “verification” process may be easily abused and manipulated. Panty Trust is an independent third-party verification group which is the one method that may permit unbiased, impartial, and objective verification – either a vendor meets the criteria or they don’t. The process is overseen and monitored by hundreds of Panty Trust members checking the checker. Far beyond easy “verification”, every member of Panty Trust is backed by the full confidence and approval of their Panty Trust member peers (currently around 350 individuals). In different words, when a seller is a member of Panty Trust,  you may be getting the assurance that several hundred unbiased panty sellers have permitted of the seller and back the vendor with their very own popularity and the reputation of Panty Trust.

The Insider Secrets of Pantytrust Found

This offer even contains some satin pairs so you really are being spoiled by me this summer season. It’s been a while since I supplied a month long special offer and the glimpse of spring climate that we experienced this week within the UK has put me in a fantastic mood. As a outcome I am going to deal with my used panty lovers to the preferred particular provide. This might be my 2 pairs of used panties instead of my usual price of £40 for two pairs. As a member of Panty Trust, you will appreciate that new members who observe additionally, you will be screened to keep away from a member whose gross sales or enterprise practices would lessen Panty Trust’s reputation and subsequently lessen the value of your membership.


This has the possibility to show that the vendor is a real individual. If a purchaser is shopping for from a non-Panty Trust member, this is absolutely the minimum that a buyer should count on a seller to offer them before payment is distributed. However, this method is akin to a stranger on the street (you see them too) saying “belief me”.

What is Really Happening With Pantytrust

You are sending your item to a Panty Trust Member who has volunteered to confirm new members of their a part of the world. Your volunteer will assess the way you handle the verification course of, your communication expertise and timekeeping, your understanding of privacy and packaging, and eventually by matching your item together with your verification picture. She has no interest in how ‘used and messy’ the merchandise is, so please feel free to clean the merchandise earlier than posting it. Get a sheet of white paper, write the words “Your Stage Name – Panty Trust Verified” in heavy black ink or different dark shade.Select an item that you want to send for verification.

In rare cases, Panty Trust will decline a verification and invite the vendor to retry in 3 months. I love summer time and the nicer weather has made me feeling like treating my panty lovers to a special supply. You can now get 2 pairs of my used panties, thongs and boyshorts for £35 until 24th June. #usedpantiesadvent A Special Offer Every Day in December A used panty treat for my panty lovers. Following the success of this final 12 months I shall be operating my annual Used Panty Advent Calendar in 2018 too. This means that every day in December I shall be opening the door of my advent calendar and offering a discount or special treat on used panties.

Some popular strategies include a vendor getting a “verified” icon for submitting their name and tackle and/or bank card quantity and paying a monthly charge. While any “verification” is better than none, this methodology simply verifies that a vendor has entry to credit card or mail box which is of little relevance to the vendor being the particular person within the photographs, being the person carrying the item, or the vendor’s gross sales historical past or enterprise practices. Like the word “Coke” for a gentle drink, Panty Trust has turn into synonymous with the phrases “verification and verified seller”. Being a member of Panty Trust, nonetheless, goes properly beyond easy verification that a seller is an actual individual. This verification and monitoring does not finish when a vendor’s membership is accredited, it continues indefinitely for as lengthy as the seller is a member of Panty Trust. The sales site administrator may “verify” a vendor with different technique corresponding to utilizing a photo, video, or cam verify.